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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Students setting up blogs

This is going much better than I expected. I was afraid there would be some heretofore-unknown-to-me technological problem. I even got up extra early today to write a work-around. But, miraculously, that part was fine. Then we had a few students who didn't have e-mail accounts, for whom we had to set those up. But eventually everybody got a page up and nearly everyone got some kind of entry in. I made up a short prompt related to some of the issues in the next works we're reading in class. (Julius Caesar for the freshman, Hamlet for the seniors.) I'm looking forward to using the "following" feature to track student reading logs, both for in-class works and for independent reading.

Mr. Sheninger suggested I set up a Wiki and Mr. Engstrom is planning to create a message board--I think these options are available through our Google accounts--I will check this out before next Thursday.

Small, but definite yaayy!

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  1. this is a pretty cool site you got here Mr Lockhart